Nate Parsons

Features Editor

Nate Parsons is the features editor for the U.S. News Best Cars team. He focuses on car insurance and car financing content. He joined the U.S. News Best Cars team in 2014 as an intern. Since then, Nate has worn many hats: writing automotive reviews and slideshows, producing content, crafting press releases, and assisting in scoring. 

In his current role, Nate edits articles and works with a team of freelancers to help consumers learn everything from the difference between buying and leasing to the cheapest car insurance companies in the country. His expert advice has been featured in outlets such as and Cover.

Prior to joining U.S. News, he spent a year in AmeriCorps and graduated from Ohio University. Nate is a member of the Washington Automotive Press Association.

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2016 Chevrolet Camaro Review

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2016 Volkswagen Tiguan Review

The 2016 Volkswagen Tiguan offers poised performance, a plush interior, and above-average reliability ratings, but its... Read More »

2016 Mitsubishi Lancer Review

The 2016 Mitsubishi Lancer ranks near the bottom of the class due to its low reliability rating, unrefined base engine... Read More »

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