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Matt Rand

Research Manager

Matt Rand is the research manager of the U.S. News Best Cars team. He leads the team that analyzes the research and data that form the foundation of the new and used car ranking lists.

Since joining the U.S. News Best Cars team in 2013, Matt has headed the research and scoring process for 275-plus car models each year. He’s also led efforts to improve U.S. News’ evaluation methodology to make the rankings an even more valuable resource for car shoppers. U.S. News Best Cars releases several awards each year, including Best Cars for the Money and Best Cars for Families. Matt has spearheaded the data gathering and analysis for these awards since 2014, and he’s been heavily involved in developing new awards like Best Cars for Teens, Best Vehicle Brands, and Best Hybrid and Electric Cars. Matt has a bachelor’s degree from Tufts University.

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