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Hamooda Shami

6 New Cars Worth Waiting For

With the economy showing signs of life and plenty of great car deals to be had, many people may be more eager than ever... Read More »

Hamooda Shami Jul. 28, 2009

7 Cars to Drive Before You Die

Different cars are remarkable for different reasons, and we've gathered a list of cars that all stand out in their own... Read More »

Hamooda Shami Jul. 14, 2009

The $20,000 Porsche and Other Great Finds

No one ever talks about the benefits of living in a struggling economy. But maybe they should. Read More »

Hamooda Shami May. 12, 2009

How Green is Your Car?

What makes a car green? It's more than just its paint job. Choosing a green car is a more complex process than many... Read More »

Hamooda Shami Apr. 21, 2009

Cars to Impress Your Boss

So, you just landed a new gig and you're looking to win points with the person who signs your paychecks. While your... Read More »

Hamooda Shami Aug. 15, 2008

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