Darian Somers

Spicy! Lexus and Sriracha Built a Car Together

It’s about time. You can finally take your favorite condiment, Sriracha, wherever you go. Read More »

Dubai Man Drops $9 Million on Custom License Plate

It happens a lot for car owners. They want a custom license plate but someone else already has it. Read More »

New 2017 Honda CR-V Details Released, Now Turbocharged

The new 2017 Honda CR-V has barely been a thought for a few days, but it’s already making waves in the compact SUV... Read More »

The Ford Bronco Is Coming Back

The Ford Bronco’s return has been long rumored – and wished for. Now we know for sure that it’s coming back, thanks to... Read More »

Spider Causes Accident in Oregon

Let’s be honest. No one likes spiders. Read More »

Video: Why Traffic Happens (and How to Fix It)

There’s nothing worse. You’re heading down the highway when, suddenly, traffic brings what was a smooth drive to a... Read More »

#ItCanWait: Teens Moved to Tears Over Distracted Driving Story

Distracted driving is dangerous – deadly, in some cases. Read More »

Tesla Battery Unveiled Making the Model S Quicker Than Ever

Elon Musk’s efforts to keep pushing the envelope further when it comes to electric cars continued this week. Read More »

Uber Self-Driving Cars Are Hitting the Road in Pittsburgh

It’s happening. The robots are taking over. Read More »

Ford Wants to Make Cars Without Steering Wheels or Pedals

Move over Elon Musk, there’s going to be more self-driving competition. Read More »

John Oliver Takes on "Buy Here, Pay Here" Used-Car Dealerships

Filling just about every commercial break, one used car dealership after the next promises to get you into a car today... Read More »

Hackers Could Easily Break Into Your Car

Whatever happened to good old fashioned car keys? Read More »

The 10 Most-Stolen Cars

Calling all Honda Accord owners. You may want to get a new security system for your car. Read More »

New Jersey Trying to Make Drinking Coffee While Driving Illegal

New Jersey lawmakers must not be coffee drinkers. Read More »

Dog Drives Car Into Wal-Mart

Just another reason to not leave your dog in the car. Read More »

All Fords Will Have Apple CarPlay in 2017

In a push to make it safer to use your smartphone while driving, Ford has made a big move toward bringing all of its... Read More »

21 Kids Have Died in Hot Cars This Year

As a sweltering “heat dome” continues to invade much of the east coast, organizations are sending reminders to stop... Read More »

Elon Musk Rolls Out Second Master Plan Featuring Trucks and Ride-Sharing

It appears that the Tesla Motors line of cars is expanding. It also appears that Tesla Motors is changing its name. Read More »

Ford is Using Tequila Byproducts to Build Cars

A few years ago, corn-powered cars were all the rage. Read More »

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