Balwinder Sahni, Dubai, License Plate
Balwinder Sahni (STRINGER / AFP / Getty Images)

It happens a lot for car owners. They want a custom license plate but someone else already has it.

So what do you do?

Well, one guy in the United Arab Emirates paid $9 million at auction for one.

Earlier this October, Balwinder Sahni, a Dubai-based property developer from India, wanted a license plate so badly that he paid $9 million for it, according to CNN Money.

The license plate didn’t have his nickname on it, or a cute saying. It simply has the number “5.”

This isn’t the first time he’s spent a large chunk of change on a special license plate either. In 2015, Sahni dropped $6.7 million for a license plate that says “9.”

"I always like to give myself a gift every year," Sahni told CNN Money. "When you work very hard, you need to present yourself something."

According to the CNN Money story, the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority, which holds these license plate auctions, has declined to say how the proceeds from them are spent.

Sahni says he thinks the money will go toward improving Dubai’s infrastructure, and to charity.