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It happens all the time.

You’re driving behind a bus and it stops. Then it drives about 100 feet and stops. Meanwhile, you’re stuck because none of the other drivers in the next lane will let you over. It can make your evening commute awful.

But in one city in China, they are trying to keep you and the bus moving.

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A company has rolled out a working prototype of a bus that allows cars to drive under it while it stops, all in an aim to speed up congestion.

The space-aged bus comes from the Transit Elevated Bus company. Though it’s called a bus, it works more like a train, sitting on guides to get it down the road. It is 72 feet long, 26 feet wide, and 16 feet high, though there is only about 6 feet of space underneath for cars to drive through.  

The prototype that was revealed at an expo was only a sample of things to come. The inventor of the bus told The New York Times that it can have four buses connected together that can carry up to 1,200 passengers at a time.

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The hope is that the bus will be a massive people mover, much like a subway system, that cuts down on emissions use by encouraging more people to take mass transit.

However, according to the Times, some questions remain about trucks and other vehicles that are too tall to fit under the bus. There are also questions about whether the bus itself can cross bridges and fit under low overpasses.