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Can’t afford to buy a new vehicle but still want the luxury Lexus offers? You may want to consider a Lexus certified preowned vehicle. These used SUVs and cars come with the brand’s stamp of approval after close inspection, and purchasing includes a warranty, which you don’t usually find when you purchase a used vehicle.

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Used Lexus vehicles for sale on dealer lots have the opportunity to be labeled as L/Certified. Receiving the certification means a vehicle has undergone a thorough review process and meets a number of distinct qualifications unique to Lexus.

In order to obtain L/Certified status from Lexus, the manufacturer’s SUVs and cars must meet a number of criteria. Each vehicle under consideration is put through a rigorous 161-point inspection at a dealership. Tested vehicle components include engine, exterior, interior, electronics, safety devices, and undercarriage. The list of tested points also includes components rarely considered by other inspections, such as the hooks that hold the floor mats in place, the first aid kit, the tool kit, and the level of noise coming from the fuel pump.

Additionally, vehicles can only qualify for the program if they are less than six years old or have less than 70,000 miles on the odometer. Dealerships may offer vehicles for sale outside these guidelines, but they will not be labeled as L/Certified.

New Lexus vehicle purchases are covered by the automaker’s Basic Warranty, which offers 48 moths or 50,000 miles of basic repairs and adjustments. A two-year L/Certified Limited Warranty is included with certified pre-owned luxury vehicle sales.

The L/Certified Limited Warranty includes Roadside Assistance, a temporary loaner car, and the repair or replacement of components that fail under normal use. The warranty does not cover some components that experience normal wear and tear, then fail after regular use.

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If a breakdown takes your car out of commission, the L/Certified Limited Warranty provides a safety net 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. As part of the Roadside Assistance program, owners can request roadside assistance for problems, such as a flat tire, a dead battery, or lockout, via the company’s Lexus Roadside Assistance app. The app is available for download to Google and Apple devices.

In the event you experience a breakdown in your L/Certified used SUV or car during its warranty period and are away from home, Lexus can help. If repairs are set to take an extended amount of time, the automaker can reimburse you up to three nights’ worth of meals and lodging. Lexus can also provide a loaner vehicle if a repair will take over eight hours, or reimburse up to $50 per day for five days for a rental car. The plan includes a $0 deductible when a vehicle is serviced under the L/Certified warranty.

Some maintenance is included with each L/Certified purchase. The auto manufacturer offers buyers the vehicle’s next four factory-recommended services within a two-year or 20,000-mile time period.  Oil changes are included as part of the service.

Lexus offers deals and incentives for buying a CPO vehicle via their Lexus Financial Services division. Loans can be offered in 24- to 48-month increments, depending on the age of the vehicle. There are also rewards for being a recent college graduate or military member.

If buying isn’t in your plans, Lexus offers some of their used car inventory for lease under the umbrella of their L/Certified lease program. Vehicles that qualify for the certified preowned lease program are under four years old and come with a limited warranty that includes Lexus 24-hour Roadside Assistance.

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Prior to visiting the dealership, potential buyers can check the value of a used Lexus vehicle via the Lexus website’s L/Certified page link.  Many dealers offer a copy of a used car’s history to customers expressing serious interest in a vehicle.

The Lexus website also helps buyers find certified preowned vehicles. By inputting your ZIP code, selecting price restrictions from the pull down menu, and choosing a model, shoppers can view the inventory of vehicles within a reasonable distance of home or work.

Willing to hit the road? Try additional ZIP codes if you are willing to travel a bit to get the vehicle you want at the best price. Canadian and Hawaiian buyers can visit a page within the site to view area-specific inventory.

How does the Lexus certified pre-owned program compare? Use the brand’s handy comparison tool to shop the warranties and guarantees that come with other manufacturer preowned programs.