Tom Williams/Contributor/Getty Images

Distracted driving is dangerous – deadly, in some cases.

But that doesn’t stop some young drivers from doing it.

In a new video from the It Can Wait campaign, teens get a harsh reminder from someone who has been impacted directly by texting and driving.

In the video, teens initially explain why and when they text and drive. Then the teens are introduced to Jacy Good, who was partially paralyzed in a crash caused by a distracted driver on the night of her college graduation.

The crash killed her parents and left her in the hospital for four months while she recovered from broken bones, lacerations, and a traumatic brain injury.

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Good looks the teens directly in the eyes while telling the story, and many of them are moved to tears. They’re asked to explain to Jacy their reasons for texting while driving, and many of them can’t meet her gaze, stuttering as they try to repeat the reasons why they look at their phone while on the road. By the end of the video, many of the teens appear to have changed their minds.

The It Can Wait campaign is an initiative through AT&T and Summer Break that encourages drivers to wait to respond to texts until after they are out of the car.