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Whatever happened to good old fashioned car keys?

Those new, fancy electronic keyless entry systems are slowly taking over the way you get into your car. And they could also be taking over how burglars get into your car.

According to the Associated Press, remote entry systems on millions of cars on the road could be easily hacked.

In a paper that was released at the Usenix security conference, experts laid out how crooks can use computers to break in. Burglars can use equipment to get the code that’s sent from the remote to the car. Then they clone that code on another remote, and they are in.

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Volkswagen cars have the type of remote that is most commonly hacked. Ford, General Motors, Chevrolet, and Renault cars all use that type of remote as well.

Volkswagen did say its newest models do not have the remotes. GM told the AP,  it "does not consider this item to be a significant risk to customers due to the technical sophistication of the demonstration and the very limited circumstances under which the demonstration can be carried out."