Trinette Reed/Getty Images

A few years ago, corn-powered cars were all the rage.

Fast forward to today and cars built out of tequila are trying to become the next big thing. At least, that’s what Ford hopes.

The automaker announced this week it is partnering with Jose Cuervo to use the leftovers from tequila to make “more sustainable bioplastics to employ in Ford vehicles,” according to a press release.

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The companies plan to test the use of agave plants -- the main plant used in tequila making -- for both interior and exterior parts of the car such as “wiring harnesses, HVAC units, and storage bins.”

According to the release, the heart of the plant is used for the distillation of tequila while the left over fibers are used in various ways, including for car parts, soon.

“As a leader in the sustainability space, we are developing new technologies to efficiently employ discarded materials and fibers,” Ford senior technical leader Debbie Mielewski said, “while potentially reducing the use of petrochemicals and light-weighting our vehicles for desired fuel economy.”

Ford already uses green material in cars including soy foam, wheat straw, and coconut fibers.

Ford has not announced when the parts will become available in cars.

No word on if salt and limes will be included with the cars.

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