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Buying a new car can be a wonderful thing. The peace of mind you have knowing your car is fresh and perfect right from the showroom floor is reassuring, For a lot of people, buying a new car is simply too expensive.

Fortunately, many manufacturers offer programs that sell certified pre-owned cars: gently used cars, trucks and SUVs that have been inspected, and typically backed with some sort of extended warranty. As Honda sells wildly popular cars with a well-earned reputation for reliability, it’s no wonder that the Honda Certified Pre-Owned program is a good bet if you want some of the guarantees of a new Honda, but at a lower price. Honda dealerships work hand-in-hand with the automaker to ensure buyers of Honda used cars can have the same experience as new car shoppers.

Certified Pre-Owned Hondas

Honda used cars of all varieties can be included in the Honda Certified Pre-Owned program, from the subcompact Fit to the ever-popular Accord family sedan, and from SUVs like the CR-V and Pilot to the Ridgeline truck and Odyssey minivan. Only Honda models that are less than six years old (from date of initial service) and with fewer than 80,000 miles are offered as Honda Certified.

How can Honda certify these cars? After all, they’ve been out of their control for at least a couple years, during which time any number of maladies can be visited upon the poor car. Crash damage can be repaired, poor-quality replacement parts can be fitted, and substandard repair work can all affect how well a car performs and lasts.

Honda is able to offer these Certified Pre-Owned cars by giving each car a thorough 182-point inspection. Service personnel at Honda Certified Pre-Owned dealerships will take the inspection checklist and verify the car is as good as new. When parts need replaced, only Honda genuine replacement parts will be used. Furthermore, each Honda Certified Pre-Owned car has a comprehensive vehicle history report, which will show a history of registrations, maintenance, and any repairs done prior to Honda inspecting the car. This gives you the assurance that the car is as it should be, and will perform properly as long as possible.

Advantages of a Certified Pre-Owned Honda

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One of the advantages of a new car is the new-car warranty, which in Honda’s case is a three-year, 36,000 mile warranty. On Honda Certified Pre-Owned vehicles, however, Honda extends the powertrain (engine and transmission) warranty to a total of seven years from initial in-service date, or one hundred thousand miles. Further, on cars still covered by the original three year/36,000 factory warranty, non-powertrain components are warranted until four years or 48,000 miles. If the original warranty period has expired, those non-powertrain components will be covered for a year or twelve thousand miles.

Those non-powertrain components covered by this warranty include the, fuel system, oil and fluids, electrical sensors, brakes, steering, suspension, the climate control system, electrical components and switches, and the stereo/entertainment system, including navigation system if the car has it.

Honda also offers Honda Care additional-cost packages covering additional years or mileage atop the standard Honda Certified Pre-Owned warranties. Honda Care can cover the pre-owned car up to eight years or 120,000 miles. Furthermore, various Honda Care packages will give the new owner a suite of driver security amenities, including roadside assistance, key lockout service, towing, and rental car coverage. When covered by Honda Care, any repairs will be done by Honda service technicians at Honda dealerships - which is a relief to anyone scared off by potentially-shady repair stations.

As another benefit of Honda Certified Pre-Owned cars, Honda includes a three-month trial subscription to SiriusXM for all cars equipped with a satellite radio. A long road trip, listening to your favorite tunes or talk shows with high-quality, uninterrupted sounds is a great way to bond with your new-to-you Honda.

Used Honda Deals

As mentioned above, buying a certified pre-owned car is a great way to save money compared to a new car, but it means you can’t take advantage of the promotions, like low- interest financing or cash back, that come with buying a new car. However, Honda Financial often offers various special offers on selected Honda Certified Pre-Owned cars to finance at a special rate, increasing your savings even more.

How to Buy a Certified Pre-Owned Honda

Finding a certified pre-owned Honda is easy. A quick nationwide inventory search can be performed at While each individual dealership sets their own prices, a quick search will let you compare dealerships across various areas, allowing you to contact dealerships in other nearby locations to see if making a trip is worthwhile.

Every manufacturer handles certified used cars differently, however, so doing your homework is essential when evaluating various certified pre-owned programs. Beware, also, of dealers offering “certified” programs that don’t bear the name of the manufacturer - these pre-owned cars don’t have the factory-backed warranty that ensures the peace of mind from a program that’s run by the vehicle manufacturer.