Looking for a car that’s fun-to-drive and goes above and beyond what’s expected in its class? According to the New York Daily News, you should be heading to a Mazda dealership. Five of the sixteen winners of the paper’s inaugural Daily News Auto Awards are Mazda models, ranging from the Mazda CX-5 small SUV to the MX-5 Miata roadster.

Mazda CX-5
The Mazda CX-5 (Mazda USA)

“We created these awards to honor best-in-class vehicles for a wide range of consumers,” said Daily News Autos Editor Nick Kurczewski. “Our intent with these awards is to help consumers make a better choice for their next car purchase. We also wanted to have a little fun, so we included a Dream Machine category because everyone loves to dream about what they could be driving.”

The Daily News Auto Awards were voted on by a team of nine Daily News automotive writers, who together have over a century of experience writing about cars. The sixteen award classes run the gamut from affordable city cars to a “dream machine” priced at nearly $130,000.

“Our categories reflect the proven interests of our growing audience,” said Kurczewski. “The majority of our selections are priced below $50,000 and are fun to drive, while exceeding the standards of success within their respective automotive category.”

Other Daily News Autos award winners include the Honda Pilot, which won the family SUV category, the Chevrolet Colorado, which won the truck category and the Mercedes AMG GT S – that aforementioned dream machine that makes an incredible 503 horsepower.

You can see a full list of the award winners by visiting the New York Daily News Autos Awards page. The Daily News Autos team will be handing out the awards at the News York International Auto Show, which is open to the public from March 25 to April 3.

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