2013 Kia Sorento
2013 Kia Sorento (Kia Motors America)

If you have a large family or are the MVP of the car pool, you may want to consider a three-row SUV. Some SUVs have a third row that’s big enough for adults, but most are only spacious enough for kids to get comfortable in. Either way, the extra space could come in handy if you need to fit more than five in a pinch. Three-row SUVs are generally more expensive than those with two rows, but buying used could get you three rows at a more affordable price. The following used three-row SUVs have low costs up front for their respective age and class and below-average expenses over five years of ownership, according to data from Vincentric, LLC. They also receive favorable reviews from the automotive press, so you can rest assured that these three-row SUVs offer high quality and great value.

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