It’s a shame that both Mother’s and Father’s Day fall smack dab in the middle of prime convertible weather. Parents are the people who would likely benefit most from a little top-down motoring, but unless they want to shell out for a babysitter, many parents may feel like they’re stuck listening to tantrums from the back seat, not the wind in their hair.

The Chevrolet Camaro can fit car seats
Choose the Chevy Camaro and the whole family can enjoy top-down driving. (General Motors)

Though no convertible can match the family-friendliness of a minivan or midsize SUV, there are a number of convertibles that can handle kids and car seats. So, slather sunscreen on everyone, pack some juice boxes and drop the top. These convertibles are ready for family time. 

The Ford Mustang loses points with some reviewers because its back seat is tight for adults. However, kids don’t need as much legroom as grownups do, and headroom isn’t an issue once you have the top down.  The Mustang has two sets of lower anchor connectors for child safety seats.

The Mini Convertible has handling that makes reviewers giddy it's so fun. While it doesn’t have much cargo space, it does have a rear seat that can accommodate kids, and even a rear-facing child safety seat.

The Chevrolet Camaro has engines that reviewers say provide great acceleration and handling that’s more fun than most muscle cars. The Camaro also seats four, and though reviewers complain about a lack of adult-friendly space, kids in the back seat shouldn’t be an issue. The Camaro has two sets of lower anchors for child car seats.

Reviewers love the BMW 2-Series for its nimble handling, and there’s no reason your kids can’t go along for the ride. The 2-Series has two back seats, and two sets of lower anchors for child safety seats. The back seat might be tight for older kids but burning up some twisty back roads may make them forget about the lack of space.

If the BMW 2-Series is too small for your family, the BMW 4-Series earns similar praise from reviewers for its handling. Like the 2-Series, the 4-Series seats four.  When the kids stay home, the 4-Series makes a great date night car.

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The Infiniti Q60 has seats for four, and reviewers love how powerful its acceleration is. With two lower anchors for child safety seat installation, little ones will be secure while mom or dad shows off the Q60’s agile handling.

With its smooth ride and elegant cabin, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class convertible will expose you and your kids to the finer things in life. The E-Class has plenty of space for four people, and the sedan version of the E-Class was a finalist for our 2015 Best Cars for Families awards.

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