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It’s in that spirit that we’re releasing the 2015 Best Cars for the Money awards. The awards recognize cars that have the best combination of positive reviews from professional automotive critics and low ownership costs within their class. Speaking of classes, there are 21 different award categories, so you can find a great vehicle that’s a great value whether you need a thrifty subcompact car or a powerful truck.

[See a photo gallery of the 2015 Best Cars for the Money Winners]

New car sales are booming and transaction prices are rising, making it tougher than ever to find a good deal on a new car. If you’re just shopping by price, you might miss out on cars that offer better features, performance and comfort. The car with the lowest sticker price may also have higher ownership costs, making it less of a bargain in the long term. A car that doesn’t meet your needs and is expensive to own is no bargain, no matter how low its price is.

The Best Cars for the Money award winners are all great cars that are also great values. They’ve been put through their paces by the automotive press and come out with positive reviews. The winners also have the kind of ongoing ownership costs that won’t break the bank, and we’ve even taken the current average transaction price into account when determining the winners. In short, the 2015 Best Cars for the Money highlight the cars, trucks and SUVs that will fit seamlessly into your budget and enhance the time you spend on the road.

Check out the list of the winners, and keep an eye out for the 2015 Best Cars for Family awards launching in March.