Even if you still have a Halloween candy hangover, many retailers have moved on to Christmas (sorry, Thanksgiving – you’re just a speed bump on the road to Santa Town). Carmakers are no different. November car deals seemed to have officially kicked off the end-of-year car sales, discounts and deals for many auto brands.

The 2015 Chevrolet Traverse has cash back and low interest rates. (General Motors)

[Best Car Deals]

November car deals include some cash-back offers on 2015 models, as well as low- and no-interest financing. While 2014 models are better bets if you want cash back and zero-percent financing (in some cases, that interest-free financing is good for five years), some 2015 models have attractive offers. Deals on 2015 SUVs and cars include financing from 0 to 1.9 percent, and in a few cases, cash back offers as well. 

Before you bust your budget buying gifts for other people, take a look at November’s Best Car Deals to see if there’s something fast and shiny you want to pick up for yourself.

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