You could risk getting trampled at a big box store to save $20 on a blender your Mom will say she loves but will only use twice, or you can spend Black Friday saving thousands on a new car. Buying a new car on Black Friday has the added bonus of getting you away from creepy Uncle Frank for a few hours, and giving you something to talk about with your teenaged cousins. That’s a lot of win for one Black Friday car deal.

Some Ford deals have cash back, low-interest financing and an gift card. (Ford Motor Company)

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Toyota has some excellent deals for Black Friday, including low- and no-interest financing. In some cases, you can get both a financing deal and cash back on a new Toyota on Black Friday. 

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Buick and GMC are offering Black Friday car deals that include offers like up to $3,500 cash back or interest-free financing for up to five years.

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Luxury Brands like BMW don't always have holiday deals, but for Black Friday 2014, BMW is offering low-interest financing for up to six years and cash back on some models.

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As we head into the holidays, Santa has to decide if you’ve been naughty or nice. If you’re shopping for a new Ford on Black Friday, you have to decide between deals that include zero-percent financing for five years and $1,000 cash back or up to $3,500 cash back. If you buy a new Ford by December 1, Ford will also give you a $1,000 gift card.  You can also choose to use the $1,000 to lower the price of the Ford you’re buying.

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Chevrolet Black Friday deals include offers of $1,000 cash back plus no-interest financing or up to $3,500 cash back when you bring your own financing.  Some Chevy Black Friday deals also include no payments until 2015. Choosing between these deals is like choosing to eat the leftover pumpkin or pecan pie: You can’t go wrong no matter which one you choose.

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Honda deals are few and far between all year long, but on Black Friday, you have some options. Black Friday Honda deals include 0.9 percent financing for up to five years on select models.

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Who wouldn’t like to wake up to a new Mazda instead of a turkey hangover? For Black Friday, Mazda is offering zero-percent financing on many models, which means you’ll probably be working off those sweet potatoes for longer than it will take you to pay off your new car loan.

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“No interest” is how you might describe your reaction to your brother-in-law’s fishing stories, but it also describes a lot of Cadillac’s Black Friday deals. Many Cadillac models have no-interest financing for up to five years for Black Friday.

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