2014 Dodge Durango
(Chrysler Group LLC)

Could Ron Burgundy sell you a Dodge Durango? We’ll soon find out, thanks to an ad campaign that features Will Ferrell in his classic “Anchorman” character, complete with moustache and burgundy suit shouting about the various features and benefits of the SUV. According to AdWeek, the campaign launched last weekend in support of the Dec. 2 release of Paramount Pictures’ “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues.” Additional dancing-themed spots aired during “Dancing with the Stars,” and the campaign will ultimately include 70 web video spots, print materials and more.

The videos reflect the sort of off-kilter and bombastic personality of Ferrell’s character. In one clip, Burgundy chases away a pair of dancers, ranting one-liners like “I told them a hundred times they can't dance in here” or “We need to spray for dancers.” In the video “It Comes Standard,” he also details the benefits of the Durango’s glovebox, citing its ability to hold “two turkey sandwiches” and “70 packs of gum.” There’s also a video that features a “worthless” horse that gets only 1 horsepower, compared with the Durango’s 360 horsepower.

(Chrysler Group LLC)

The videos are the latest in a string of advertising campaigns designed to move Chrysler Group away from the typical automotive commercial fare of desert scenes and scrolling stats. According to AOL Autos, in fact, the Ferrell spots go even farther, with the ad agency (Wieden + Kennedy) handing over much of the creative control to Ferrell and his writers. Judging from the immediate online reaction to the first videos, the approach seems to be working -- at least in terms of avoiding the fear-based advertising that Jerry Seinfeld (he of comedy fame and Acura Super Bowl commercials) cautioned against during this recent phone interview with Bloomberg. Seinfeld has made a point of critiquing automotive commericals as being too commercial-y and scary.

Thankfully, there’s nothing to be afraid of about this Durango campaign. Unless, of course, you’re a dancer. Check out the videos at www.BurgundyDodge.com, and the 2014 Dodge Durango on dealer lots in late October.   

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