It’s still a little more than two weeks until the Frankfurt Motor Show, but Infiniti has released the first pictures of its Q30 concept, which makes its official debut Sept. 10 in Frankfurt.

The Infiniti Q30 concept (Infiniti)

In a press release, Infiniti says the “Q30 Concept embodies Infiniti's vision to deliver head-turning design, innovative materials with precise fit and finish and passionate craftsmanship, while provoking a radical shift in the premium compact segment.”

With four doors, a hatch back and aerodynamic lines, it’s tough to classify the Q30. Infiniti says the Q30 is “not a coupe, not a hatch and not a crossover but a fusion of the three body styles. It is designed for younger customers seeking an alternative to traditional premium compact vehicles and open to convention-challenging approaches.” 

A writer for Jalopnik says, “I think it's very swoopy-looking, myself. Look at all the swoops! More than anything I'm curious as to exactly how big or small it will be.”

In addition to the Q30’s exact size, automotive journalists are wondering what kind of engine will power it. “There's no information available yet on what powers the Q30 Concept, and hence even less about what will power the production version, but we expect to learn more in the coming weeks leading up to this triple threat's reveal in Frankfurt,” writes Autoblog.

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