Photo Courtesy of Daimler AG

Daimler AG, the parent company of Mercedes-Benz, announced that it will be putting two QR codes on new Mercedes-Benz vehicles. The QR codes will be there to help emergency workers view rescue sheets, which show the best way to get occupants out of a crashed vehicle safely.

A QR code is commonly used so consumers can bring up a specific website on their smartphone or tablet without having to type in that web address. In this case, after taking a picture of the QR code on their mobile device using a QR reader app, first responders will be able to bring up the rescue map for that particular automobile.

Daimler says the rescue maps show major components of the vehicles, such as the battery, air bags and electric cables, so first responders can use the Jaws of Life and other tools properly. They add that having a QR code on the vehicle will make it faster to locate rescue information.

A QR code will be added to the fuel tank flap and on the B-pillar on the opposite side of all Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Daimler notes that “it seldom occurs that both these parts are badly damaged at the same time in an accident, and they are furthermore easily accessible from the outside.”

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