2014 Jeep Cherokee
Photo Courtesy of Chrysler Group

Chrysler Group confirmed with the Detroit Free Press on Thursday that the launch of the 2014 Jeep Cherokee has been pushed back a month. However, shoppers should still expect to see the Cherokee in dealer showrooms by the fall.

Mark Chernoby, Chrysler Group’s senior vice president of engineering, tells the Detroit Free Press that the delay is caused by a list of problems that are associated with producing new vehicles. “Manufacturing the Cherokee is more complex than most new models because it is designed on an underbody adapted from Fiat, Chrysler’s majority owner,” Chernoby says. “The Cherokee also is the first Chrysler vehicle to feature a nine-speed transmission developed with German supplier ZF Group.”

Left Lane News reports, “Each of the Detroit Three have been placing an increased emphasis on quality control measures late in the development process in order to ensure smooth new product launches.” For example, Ford has started to reassess its launch process due to problems after introducing the redesigned Ford Escape and Lincoln MKZ. In addition, General Motors has delayed the introduction of its all-new full-size SUVs to catch any quality concerns.

Automotive.com says that the setback could negatively affect Chrysler Group’s earnings. The automaker had a rocky start in the first quarter, with profits that declined 65 percent from the previous year, according to Automotive.com. This was reportedly due in part to Chrysler Group discontinuing sales of the Jeep Liberty.

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