Ford C-Max Hybrid
Photo Courtesy of Ford Motor Company

Since the early 2000s, Toyota has dominated the hybrid vehicle market, with a 71 percent market share last year, according to The Detroit News. However in the last year, Ford has introduced the all-new C-Max along with an electric version of the redesigned Ford Fusion, the Fusion Energi.

The Detroit News says Ford Fusion hybrid sales (not including the Fusion Energi) beat out sales of the Toyota Camry hybrid in April. In particular, Fusion sales are high in the Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., San Francisco and Chicago markets.

In April, the Toyota Prius’ sales dropped 21 percent and the Camry’s dropped 26 percent compared to April of 2012, according to Bloomberg. Meanwhile, Ford has already surpassed General Motors, Honda, Hyundai and Kia in total hybrid sales.

The Detroit News says Toyota’s 71 percent of the hybrid market has already dropped to 58 percent this year. However, Ford still has a long way to go to catch up. Ford’s market share is at 18 percent, which is a 3 percent increase from where they were a year ago.

Erich Merkle, U.S. sales analyst for Ford Motor Company, tells Bloomberg that Ford sold 8,841 hybrid vehicles in April, and totals 29,561 hybrids sold for this year. Ford’s hybrid sales for 2010 totaled 35,496. Merkle added, “We’re turning, conquesting and growing our sales the fastest in the largest hybrid markets in the country.”

Jim Lentz, CEO of Toyota North America, told the Detroit Free Press last month that lower gas prices have had a negative impact on Toyota's hybrid sales. Originally, Toyota had forecasted 250,000 U.S. hybrid sales for 2013, but analysts have been speculating that Toyota may drop their forecasted number.

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