Dodge, Challenger, Chrysler Recall
2012 Dodge Challenger. Photo courtesy of Chrysler Group.

Chrysler Group has issued six different recalls across its four major brands, Chrysler, Dodge, Ram and Jeep, for various issues. The total number of vehicles recalled in the U.S. is approximately 215,000.

The largest recall affects about 119,497 vehicles, according to NHTSA. Affected models include 2011-2012 Dodge Challenger, Charger and Chrysler 300 models built between April 11, 2011 and Dec. 14, 2011. A component of the model’s air bag wiring harness may be improperly sized, and as a result, the airbags may not properly deploy in a crash. Chrysler's campaign number for this recall is N07, and the NHTSA campaign number is 13V118000.

The second recall affects 61,409 2007-2008 Dodge Nitro 4x2 vehicles manufactured between March 21, 2006 and March 1, 2008, as well as 2008 Jeep Liberty 4x2 models built between Feb. 15, 2007 and March 1, 2008. According to NHTSA, the heat shield on the transfer case may rub against the drive shaft, which could potentially weaken and cause the drive shaft to break. If this happens, the vehicle will be inoperable. Additionally the air bag computer may falsely believe that the vehicle has been involved in a collision and deploy the airbags. Chrysler’s campaign number for this recall is N10 and the NHTSA campaign number is 13V121000.

Chrysler is also recalling 20,532 2012 Jeep Patriot and Compass models built between Oct. 18, 2011 and May 7, 2012. NHTSA says that a transfer tube between the primary and secondary sides of the fuel tank may have been improperly manufactured, which could interrupt the flow of fuel, which would cause the engine to stall. Chrysler's campaign number for this recall is N17 and the NHTSA campaign number is 13V120000.

Autoblog states that those three recalls are official government recalls issued on behalf of Chrysler, while the next three were announced by the automaker.

Ram, Ram 1500, Chrysler Recall
2013 Ram 1500. Photo courtesy of Chrysler Group.

Chrysler is recalling 6,600 2013 Ram 1500 models built between Dec. 17, 2012 and Jan. 22, 2013 to inspect the parking brakes, which may not function properly. More information can be found on Chrysler’s website. Additionally, about 7,000 2013 Ram HD models are being recalled to replace engine covers which may not be properly heat-resistant. In a statement, Chrysler says that only about 500 of these models are in the hands of customers, while the rest of them are still on dealer lots.

Finally, Chrysler is recalling 46 2013 Dodge Dart models that were built over a 24-hour period in November. Chrysler says that the brake calipers on these models do not meet Chrysler's specifications.

With each of the recalls, Chrysler will notify owners of the affected vehicles, and start performing repairs, free of charge, between April and May. Owners may contact Chrysler at 248-512-6660 or 800-247-9753. Owners of vehicles recalled by NHTSA may also contact NHTSA at 888-327-4236 or visit

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