Separate recalls have been issued for approximately 183,000 Honda/Acura models and an unspecified number of Nissan/Infiniti models.

2005 Honda Pilot

Honda’s recall affects 101,000 Pilot models, 60,000 Acura MDX models and 21,000 Acura RL models from the 2005 model year, as well as about 800 2006 Acura MDX models. In a press release, Honda says that its stability control system may malfunction, and that several complaints about the system malfunctioning have been submitted.

The automaker says that a component of the stability system control unit may have been damaged during manufacture. The system, Honda says, “could malfunction and apply a small amount of brake force for a fraction of a second, without any input by the driver.” Additionally, Honda says that if the driver applies the brakes while during a system malfunction, the car could brake with more force than the driver intends. Either scenario could increase the risk of a crash. Honda reports that there have been no reported crashes or injuries related to this issue.

To fix the problem, Honda will install a new electronic sub-harness component for the stability control system. The automaker will also inspect approximately 51,000 Pilot models to make sure that an electronic ground bolt for the stability control system is properly tightened.

Honda is requesting that owners of the affected models take their vehicle to the dealer as soon as notification of the recall is received in the mail. Notifications will be sent out in mid-April. In the meantime, owners of potentially-affected vehicles can contact Honda by calling 1-800-999-1009 or Acura at 1-800-382-2238 and selecting option 4. More information can also be obtained online at and

2013 Nissan Altima

Nissan’s recall affects an unspecified number of 2013 Altima, Leaf, Sentra, Pathfinder and Infiniti JX35 models. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that the front passenger Occupant Detection System may not have been manufactured properly. This may cause the sensor to function improperly, which could prevent the passenger airbag from deploying in a crash because it does not sense the presence of a passenger.

Kicking Tires reports that Nissan is still working with the part supplier to determine how many vehicles are affected.

To remedy the problem, Nissan will inspect the Occupant Detection System sensor and replace them as necessary. Nissan will notify owners of affected vehicles beginning in early April. Owners of potentially affected vehicles can contact Nissan Customer Service at 1-800-647-7261 or NHTSA at 1-888-327-4236.

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