Jim Sharifi/U.S. News amp; World Report

The redesigned 2014 Cadillac CTS sedan made its New York Auto Show debut Tuesday evening at the Frederick P. Rose Hall at Lincoln Center. The lighter, longer 2014 CTS will offer a new engine and transmission, as well as technology features like automatic parallel parking assist, a vibrating driver seat, automatic seat belt tightening and 20-way power-adjustable front seats. 

“Very early on in the planning and development of the next generation CTS, we knew it was going to be all about raising the bar, raising the levels of execution, raising the level of performance, raising the levels of technology and really making this go after the heart of the midsize luxury sedan segment and its competitors,” said Hampden Tener, Cadillac product director, in an interview at the 2013 New York Auto Show. 

A big part of raising that bar, Tener said, is the CTS’ performance. New for 2014 is a CTS Vsport trim that has a 420-horsepower, twin-turbocharged V6 and an eight-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters, both of which Cadillac says are firsts for the brand. “We knew we needed one that would deliver this kind of thrilling, exciting performance, so we started developing the twin-turbo V6 to fill that roll,” Tener said. 

The rear-wheel drive 2014 CTS will also be available with all-wheel drive. Rounding out the new CTS’ engine lineup are a 272-horsepower turbocharged four-cylinder and a 321-horsepower V6. All-wheel drive and four-cylinder models get a six-speed automatic with paddle shifters, while all other models get the new eight-speed auto. 

Fox News reports, “Inside, the CTS features the latest in Cadillac cabin design, with lots of stitched, soft-touch materials, a choice of wood, carbon fiber or aluminum trim, touch-sensitive controls, tablet-style CUE infotainment system and a the same full LCD instrument cluster found in the XTS full-size sedan.” 

Yahoo! Autos’ Motoramic writes, “GM has been known in past eras for attempting to sell dated technology as luxury, but the 2014 CTS offers more performance gadgetry than any other GM vehicle save the new Corvette Stingray. The magnetic ride shocks once reserved for the CTS-V now come as an option on even base models; the LED lights are standard, and the car boasts a 50-50 front-rear weight balance. And like all up-to-date modern luxury cars, the Cadillac can parallel park itself.” 

When asked what gives the new CTS an edge over its competitors, Tener said, “You’re getting the performance, you’re getting the responsiveness, you’re getting the fun part and you’re wrapping yourself in all this custom luxury ambiance, and this great styling on the outside – that’s kind of the total package.” 

Pricing for the 2014 CTS has not been announced yet. The 2013 CTS starts at $39,095. The 2014 CTS will hit showroom floors this fall. 

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