Want the most bang for your buck in your next new car? Then you should probably buy a Toyota Prius. Consumer Reports says that with an operating cost of 49 cents per mile, the Prius is about half as expensive to operate as the average car.

The Prius beats out the Honda Fit, which Consumer Reports had named its best new-car value for the past four years. “The reason the Prius came out on top this year, even though the Fit costs less and has a lower estimated cost of ownership, is that the predicted-reliability rating of the Prius is slightly higher than the Fit’s,” The New York Times reports.

Some of the Prius’ other attributes also enhanced its value proposition. “There are plenty of less expensive cars,” writes Consumer Reports. “But they can’t match the Prius for its comfortable ride, competent handling, roomy interior, excellent reliability, and, of course, its great fuel economy.” The Prius beat out more than 200 cars, as Consumer Reports analyzed each model’s on-road test scores, five-year cost of ownership and predicted reliability.

ABC News reports that Toyota and Lexus vehicles took first place in six out of 10 categories. If you’re looking for a family sedan, hatchback, minivan, wagon or SUV, here’s a rundown of Consumer Reports Best and Worst Values:

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