The new Diono RadianR100 is an IIHS Best Bet

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety released child booster seat ratings last week, with 47 making the Best Bet list. The IIHS says, “manufacturers are designing seats to provide good safety belt fit for booster-age children.”

The Wall Street Journal writes, “Recent improvements mean top-rated seats outnumber seats with lesser ratings for the first time since the safety group released its first booster ratings in 2008."

Out of the 17 new booster seats that hit the market this year, 15 made the Best Bet list. Only two are not recommended by the IIHS, and both are made by Safety 1st.

The IIHS has four categories for its ratings: Best Bet, Good Bet, Check Fit and Not Recommended. The Best Bet rating means that the booster seat will properly position safety belts for a 4- to 8-year-old child in most cars, minivans and SUVs. A Good Bet rating signifies that the booster seat offers an acceptable belt fit in most vehicles, and Check Fit indicates that the safety belts could be a good fit for some children depending on the vehicle.

The IIHS says, “Children ages 4-8 in boosters are 45 percent less likely to sustain injuries in crashes than kids restrained by belts alone.”

Child booster seats can range in price from about $13 to as much as $325. For the full list of IIHS booster seat ratings, click here.

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