The National Insurance Crime Bureau released its list of the most stolen vehicles in 2011 last week. The 1994 Honda Accord, 1998 Honda Civic and 2006 Ford F-Series pickup truck were stolen more often than any other vehicle on the road. 

According to the report, older cars and trucks like these are stolen more often than newer vehicles. “Newer cars typically are harder to steal because of higher-tech anti-theft devices,” writes the Detroit Free Press. For instance, many newer car keys contain microchips, so even if a thief manages to replicate the cut of the key, the car won’t start if it doesn’t sense the microchip nearby. However, a car like the 1991 Toyota Camry or 2000 Dodge Caravan, which were fourth and fifth on the list, are less likely to contain this anti-theft feature, so they may be easier to steal.

The non-profit NICB uses data reported to the FBI by local law enforcement agencies to determine the theft rates of each vehicle. According to the latest report, car theft is at its lowest rate since 1967, and is 3.3 percent lower than the 2010 theft rate. “The data used in the NICB report track only the most popular model year for each car on the top 10 most-stolen list, so that no vehicle is listed twice,” notes Bloomberg.

However, the NICB’s data isn’t the only information on car theft available. The Highway Loss Data Institute calculates each vehicle’s theft rate, as reported to insurance companies, in order to determine which models have the highest proportion of theft. For instance, in its last report, the HLDI wrote that the Cadillac Escalade is “more than 6 times as likely” to be stolen as the average vehicle. So, by looking at multiple types of data, owners and shoppers can tell which vehicles will be the riskiest investments.

“To protect yourself from having your vehicle stolen, the NICB recommends using common sense when parking your car and equipping your vehicle with an alarm and immobilizing device,” reports Autoblog. The agency also recommends parking in a well-lit area and locking your doors, which may be obvious, but will make it harder for thieves to steal your vehicle. By knowing which vehicles are most likely to be stolen, new and used car buyers can try to protect themselves from potential theft. You can also break down the NICB’s statistics on a state-by-state basis by visiting their website. This data will give you a better idea of which vehicles are stolen the most often in your area.

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