Toyota will debut its all-electric RAV4 EV next week in Los Angeles at the International Electric Vehicle Symposium. In 2010, Toyota announced that the electric compact SUV would be developed in conjunction with electric automaker Tesla, who built a fleet of electric RAV4 prototypes for Toyota to test.

Currently, there are no all-electric affordable compact SUVs on sale in the U.S. While Toyota’s electric RAV4 would be the first in its class, Autoblog reports that it will initially be sold in California. Still, Autoblog surmises that they “wouldn't be at all surprised if Toyota offers the RAV4 EV on some sort of limited, state-by-state rollout, similar to the U.S. launches of the Nissan Leaf and the Ford Focus Electric.”

Autoblog drove a prototype of the electric RAV4 last year and said how impressed they were with the vehicle. “Most importantly, when you're moving along, the RAV4 EV feels incredibly solid, gliding through traffic just the way we want our silent electric vehicles to move. It's the part where you come to a stop that isn't exactly right. Right now, the regenerative brakes on the RAV4 EV are surprisingly intense.”

Toyota has only revealed an official teaser image of the RAV4 EV’s electric badge, and full specs and equivalent fuel economy figures have not been announced yet. “Toyota says the RAV4 EV's range could reach about 100 miles, which is what most carmakers quote for their EVs before EPA testing,” Kicking Tires reports.

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