Hyundai is now equipping all of its vehicles with a brake pedal electronic throttle override system. In a press release, the automaker says that any U.S. vehicle produced in May 2012 or later will come standard with the system, which is designed to keep drivers and passengers safe in the event of unintended acceleration.

“Because electronic throttle links have replaced the cable or pushrod linkages that used to control engine speed, there is a possibility that electronic malfunctions can cause the driver to lose control of the engine’s speed,” writes The Wall Street Journal.

If a vehicle’s gas and brake pedals are depressed at the same time, the override system gives priority to the braking function, allowing drivers to safely slow the vehicle. Hyundai is not the first automaker to implement such a device. Kicking Tires reports that all 2011 and newer Toyotas, 2012 and newer GM and Mazda vehicles and 2003 and newer Chryslers are outfitted with throttle override systems. BMW has been equipping its vehicles with such devices for years.

A rule mandating throttle override devices is under consideration by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, but the rule has yet to be made into law.

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