GM is replacing all 120-volt charging cords in Chevrolet Volts that have been sold so far. The new cord and plug will be more heat-resistant. The cord replacement follows “complaints from Chevrolet Volt owners whose 120-volt charging cords overheated and in a few cases melted, raising questions about the cords' durability,” Yahoo! Autos reports. says the 240-volt charging cord that also comes with the Chevrolet Volt does not need to be replaced.

“GM spokesman Randal Fox says the move, which GM does not consider a recall or a safety issue, was meant to ‘offer a more consistent charging experience,’” Yahoo! Autos reports.

According to Reuters, Fox doesn’t know exactly how many models are impacted, but says that all model-year 2011 Volts and some 2012 Volts will get a new 120-volt charging cord. Fox also told Reuters that GM will contact owners about the new cord in a few weeks. GM dealers will replace the cord and also make structural enhancements to the Volt’s battery pack to better protect the battery in the event of a crash.

GM’s cord replacement announcement follows an investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in November that began because the Volt’s lithium-ion battery caught on fire several weeks after NHTSA performed crash tests. Since then, the issue has been resolved, and GM is in the process of performing the structural enhancements to better protect the battery so it will be less likely to be punctured and catch fire after a crash.

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