Buyers looking for a CPO Jeep Grand Cherokee may now be able to find a CPO SUV from a competing automaker at Chrysler Group dealerships.

Automaker certified pre-owned (CPO) programs generally only include vehicles made by that manufacturer. Chrysler Group is trying a different approach. Through a new CPO program called Diversified Certified, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram and FIAT dealers will sell used vehicles from other automakers that will be covered with a Chrysler Group warranty.

Shoppers looking for a certified pre-owned Honda, for example, may be able to buy one at a Chrysler Group dealership. “Just because we didn’t build the vehicle, doesn’t mean we won’t back it with a Chrysler Group warranty,” Eric Swanson, head of CPO vehicles at Chrysler Group LLC, said in a statement. “Of course, we always want our customers to visit our dealers and purchase a new or certified pre-owned Chrysler Group model, but now we have given them another option to consider.”

Swanson told Automotive News that Chrysler Group is expanding its CPO program because there are higher profits on CPO models compared with non-certified used vehicles. He also said that the dealerships’ new-car and finance departments can benefit from a strong CPO program.

Under the new CPO program, eligible vehicles have to be model year 2008 and newer and have less than 48,000 miles. “Certified vehicles will have the usual inspection and include Chrysler's Maximum Care warranty — essentially a bumper-to-bumper policy — until they hit 60,000 miles or five years from the time they were brand new,”’s Kicking Tires reports. Towing and roadside assistance are also included.

The previous Maximum Care warranty lasted for three months or 3,000 miles from the date of purchase or after the original three-year/36,000-mile bumper-to-bumper warranty expires. Toyota and Honda’s CPO programs extend the original three-year bumper-to-bumper warranty by one year or 12,000 miles, so Chrysler Group’s new program offers better coverage.

The Diversified Certified program is launching in FIAT dealerships initially, and will be offered at Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge and Ram dealers beginning in May.

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