The 2012 Honda Crosstour certainly stands out from the rest of the Honda lineup. However, in this case, unique looks don’t necessarily add up to moving cars off dealer lots. According to Honda’s February sales report, just 1,991 Crosstours have been sold so far this year. That’s a far cry from heavy hitters like the 2012 Civic and Accord, as Honda reported year-to-date sales of 48,970 Civics and 34,361 Accords.

The Crosstour’s low sales numbers could change, however, as Honda announced its plans to unveil the 2013 Crosstour Concept at the New York Auto Show in April. Honda hasn’t announced specs or provided any photos yet, but the automaker says that the new concept will reveal “the exterior styling direction of the updated 2013 Honda Crosstour.”

The 2013 Crosstour’s release date is also pending, but some auto journalists are already putting together a wish list for the redesigned affordable midsize SUV. “We’re hopeful Honda will provide something that looks closer to the Accord wagon we’ve always wanted this thing to be; improved visibility out of the rear, for starters, would be nice,” writes Car and Driver. “The addition of a backup camera for 2012, however, has pushed that request farther down our wish list. For now, we’d simply take something more attractive.”

The Crosstour’s closest rival, the Toyota Venza, will also debut at the New York Auto Show with updated styling.

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