Goodyear is recalling about 41,000 tires that could wear out early. According to the Detroit Free Press, the tire’s tread could separate from the rest of the rubber, which can decrease handling and cause an accident. 

If you’re buying a used truck, van or SUV in the near future, you should check the type of tires on the vehicle before you seal the deal. Buying a used car with recalled tires is dangerous, and this recall is a good reminder to have the tires checked out before you buy.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that Goodyear is recalling six different types of Wrangler Silent Armor tires produced in 2009, and that almost 41,000 tires could be affected. However, a NHTSA recall document states, “We estimate a small percentage of these tires may be affected,” and that the problem is likely to occur “under certain severe usage conditions.”

Reuters reports that two people died in a rollover crash last year in a vehicle wearing these tires, and Goodyear Spokesman Scott Baughman confirmed that the crash was likely caused by worn-out Wrangler tires. However, Baughman noted that the tires had been subjected to extreme use and that the excessive tire wear was a result of external causes. Extreme use could include driving the vehicle over poorly-maintained roads, on construction sites or off-road, where jagged debris could damage tires.

The tires are generally used on SUVs, vans and pickup trucks, and are meant for off-roading and use at construction sites. Though about 41,000 tires are involved in the recall, Goodyear estimates that about 27,000 tires are still believed to be in use. The other tires have either not been sold or have since been replaced.

It’s important to note that proper tire care is crucial to drivers’ safety. “Statistics show that the vast majority of tire issues are related to tires that are used while under-inflated, overloaded, in a poorly maintained condition or have suffered impact damage,” Goodyear said to Fox Business.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Goodyear will notify owners of the recalled tires by March 22. To find out if your tires are included in the recall, you can call NHTSA’s vehicle safety hotline at 1-888-327-4236 or visit NHTSA’s website at

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