The 2012 Buick Regal is a smart buy. The Regal outperformed a number of other upscale midsize cars, earning both U.S. News Best Cars for Families and Best Cars for the Money awards for 2012. Now, General Motors has announced some changes to the upcoming 2013 Regal, which should appeal to car shoppers who want better fuel economy.

“Starting with the arrival of 2013 models, eAssist will be standard on the Regal with the discontinuation of the 2.4L base model,” says GM in a press release. “Both the Regal Turbo and Regal GS models will remain available.” Buick hasn’t announced pricing on the 2013 Regal yet, but eAssist is currently listed as a $2,000 option on the 2012 Regal.

If the automaker sticks to its $26,940 base price, 2013 Regal buyers will be getting a lot more value. However, some speculate that since the Buick LaCrosse got a price bump when eAssist became standard this year, the Regal may become pricier as well.

“When Buick dropped the LaCrosse’s base four-cylinder in favor of the eAssisted iteration, it upped that car’s price by nearly $3000 but also added more standard equipment,” writes Car and Driver. “The company also made the LaCrosse’s more powerful V-6 engine a no-cost option. As such, we expect the 2013 Regal to gain more standard features and see its base price to go up by between $2000 and $3000.”

The base 2012 Regal currently gets 19/31 mpg city/highway, while the eAssist option boosts fuel economy to 25/36 mpg. According to the EPA, the Regal eAssist will save the average driver about $464 each year on fuel.

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