If you own a Chevrolet Volt, and recent news from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that the Volt’s battery could catch on fire has you worried, General Motors says it will buy back your Volt. Last week, GM announced it would offer free loaner cars to Volt owners until NHTSA’s investigation is complete.

“Such a buyback is unusual for car companies, which typically institute recalls when regulators or customers report problems with cars or parts,” says The New York Times. “Ford, however, offered to buy back older model Windstar vans last year after investigations into rear axle problems.”

According to the Los Angeles Times, GM Spokesman Greg Martin says GM has sold about 6,000 Volt models, and as of Dec. 2, “about 30 owners have taken the company up on its loaner offer. Martin said details of how a repurchase plan would work had not been determined.”

The Los Angeles Times also spoke with Jessica Cladwell, an auto analyst with Edmunds.com, who thinks GM lucked out in this situation because it hasn’t sold many Volts. With few models on the road, it’s a more affordable undertaking.

GM emphasizes that it isn’t repurchasing the hybrid-electric cars because they’re dangerous. “Akerson said that his company isn't making the move because the plug-in hybrids are unsafe, but because GM is committed to keeping its customers happy,” says Autoblog.

Members of the Chevy Volt Owners Facebook group are defending their cars and plan to keep their keys. The Detroit Free Press has reposted the group’s statement, which says, “We have done our homework and we know that we know that there is no other car that offers all the advantages of a Volt. … We are leading the way for a new movement in America – a movement to bring the joy back in driving, save money, and invest in our future. We look forward to you joining us.”

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