More than 90 percent of Chevrolet Volt owners say they would buy it again.

Just a few weeks following an announcement from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that a Chevrolet Volt caught on fire several weeks after crash tests, Consumer Reports has announced some positive news for the Volt.  

The Volt earned the highest score in Consumer Reports’ owner satisfaction survey. “Ninety-three percent of respondents who own the Volt said they would definitely buy it again, making it the highest-rated car in the nationally representative survey,” writes Consumer Reports. “The Volt narrowly edged out the V8-powered Dodge Challenger and the Porsche 911, each with owner-satisfaction scores of 91 percent.”

While the Volt’s top score is certainly good news for GM, Consumer Reports cautions that the result may reflect excitement following its launch because the survey was conducted a few months after the hybrid-electric car hit showrooms.

USA Today adds that when the survey was conducted, only about 5,000 were sold, which means that as more people own the Volt, the score could change.

Consumer Reports awards its top owner-satisfaction rating to cars that garner a ‘would definitely buy again’ response of at least 80 percent,” says Inside Line. “This year, 27 cars cleared that hurdle, among them 10 American, 10 European, and seven Asian models. Included in the top group were 12 sporty cars or convertibles and nine hybrids or diesel.” About 300,000 respondents participated in the survey and commented on models from the 2009 to 2012 model years.

The survey does not “take into consideration reliability or other issues covered in other CR studies,” says Kicking Tires.

Consumer Reports explains that generally, the most fuel-efficient and fun-to-drive cars have the most-satisfied owners. The Ford Fusion Hybrid, Lincoln MKZ Hybrid, Lexus CT 200h, Lexus RX 450h and Toyota Prius all earned high scores in the survey. Diesel models such as the Volkswagen Golf, Volkswagen Jetta SportWagen and BMW X5 also did well.

Sporty, but less eco-minded models like the Mini Cooper Convertible, Audi S4, Audi A5, Chevrolet Corvette, Chevrolet Camaro, Mazda MX-5 Miata and Ford Mustang GT also received high scores. 

A lot of less expensive affordable compact SUVs and small cars didn’t make the list, and no minivans and compact pickups made it above the 80-percent mark. In fact, the Chevrolet Aveo (37 percent), Toyota Matrix (43 percent) and Chevrolet Colorado (47 percent), two small cars and one compact truck, receive the three lowest scores. Consumer Reports says that cars in these classes “tend to score much lower as a group.”

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