2011 Volvo S40

Volvo models such as the S40 and C70 are often praised by reviewers for their quality interiors and extensive safety features, but many critics also feel that these cars fall short when it comes to performance.

Now, Volvo is offering performance tuning software that will allow C30, C70 and S40 owners to wring some extra performance out of their turbocharged five-cylinder engines. “Polestar, Volvo's Swedish-based performance partner, has developed tuning software for C30, C70 and S40 carlines fitted with a T5 engine, model year 2008 and newer,” Volvo says in a press release. “With an MSRP of $1,295 installed, the tuning package goes on sale Nov. 14 and adds a powerful 23 hp and 29 lb.-ft. of torque to the respective models.” A similar upgrade will be available for V50 AWD wagons equipped with a manual transmission soon.

The automaker says that this performance upgrade will not affect the original manufacturer warranty. Autoblog writes, “The enhancement is affected by increasing airflow and optimizing spark timing, and while the aftermarket could surely squeeze out more for less, for a factory-backed upgrade, it strikes us as a good deal.”

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