There’s no denying that the Volkswagen CC took some styling cues from the Mercedes-Benz CLS. Now, Volkswagen has introduced its latest concept, the Cross Coupé, which shares some traits with the BMW X6. The Cross Coupé, however, does offer a unique twist under the hood.

“The compact crossover gives a strong hint toward the future design language and technology of the company’s coming vehicles,” says The Wall Street Journal. “The car maker says the Cross Coupe, which seats four and has a plug-in hybrid drive train, is the result of designers’ efforts to combine qualities of a four-door coupe and a compact SUV.”

Volkswagen says in a press release that the Cross Coupé has three power sources which work together as a hybrid system. A 148-horsepower engine and a 54-horsepower electric motor power the front wheels, which can power the Cross Coupé together or individually. However, put the Cross Coupé in all-wheel drive or full-electric mode, and a third electric motor that’s integrated into the rear axle powers the rear wheels. Volkswagen says that the rear-axle motor is rated at 114 horsepower, while the Cross Coupé’s combined power output is 262 horsepower.

Like the Chevrolet Volt, the Cross Coupé can be driven on electric power alone. Volkswagen says the Cross Coupé can go up to 25 miles solely on electric power, but the driver can also actively recharge its battery with the gas engine by pressing a button next to the shift lever.

Despite its unique hybrid drivetrain, some critics note that the Cross Coupé isn’t the most practical. “The Cross Coupé places a higher emphasis on style than outright functionality — it seats four and has a respectable, if not outstanding, cargo capacity of 13.4 cubic feet with the rear seats up, and 43.4 with them folded,” writes Automobile Magazine. “However, considering the vehicle’s tidy overall dimensions close to that of the Land Rover Range Rover Evoque with a 103.5-inch wheelbase, 73.5-inch width, and 171.1-inch length, it’s reasonably accommodating.”

No word on whether or not the new hybrid SUV will come to market, but the Cross Coupé hints at what to expect from Volkswagen in the future. Autoweek reports that “the main message with the Cross Coupe is its styling, which stands for the future of SUV design at Volkswagen.”

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