Mazda says it will introduce the Takeri, its new midsize sedan concept, at the Tokoyo Motor Show in December. Mazda’s current midsize sedan, the Mazda6, hasn’t done well in the U.S., and the automotive press thinks that the Takeri is a likely replacement for Mazda’s midsize car.

Like the 2012 Mazda3, the Takeri will also have a new Skyactiv engine, which is reviewer-loved for remaining fun-to-drive even though fuel economy ratings in the Mazda3 reach 40 mpg. But the Takeri’s Skyactiv engine will be a clean diesel engine with a regenerative braking system and start-stop technology.

Mazda doesn’t give fuel economy predictions for the Takeri, but if it’s anything like the Mazda3, its ratings should be some of the highest among affordable midsize sedans.

The Mazda Takeri still looks like a Mazda, but USA Today says the concept car takes “Mazda in a new styling direction.”

Kicking Tires agrees, and says, “It's the grille that will likely get the most notice. While it's not the smiley face seen on the Mazda3, it is large and rests under a domed hood, which is similar to the Infiniti M sedans.”

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