If you own a GM car, like the 2011 Chevrolet Cruze, you can rent it to drivers who need a short-term car.

If you’re looking to earn some cash and have a car you don’t drive very often, General Motors has a new program to help you make some extra money. Through GM’s OnStar system and RelayRides, a company that provides a private-party car sharing marketplace, owners can rent out their vehicles to people who need a temporary car.

GM vehicle owners can register their car online, along with available dates, their location and the rate they decide to set to rent the car out. People who would like to rent a GM car also register online, and can check availability for cars and dates in their area.

The person who wants to rent the car checks the availability in their area through an application on their smartphone and can locate the car using a GPS signal. “The app will allow users to reserve a car, locate it and unlock it, via RelayRides’ database of members,” Car and Driver reports. “Owners, meanwhile are responsible for setting rates and, we suppose, supplying their own bottles of Febreze.”

The peer car sharing service is expected to launch initially in California in the first quarter of 2012, with the possibility of more cities added if it is successful.

“There are a growing number of car-sharing services that let people get access to a car for as little as an hour or a full day,” CNET reports. “In the case of RelayRides, individuals rent out their cars to others directly and the company provides insurance. ZipCar, by contrast, operates its own fleet and makes them available to members.”

GM says that vehicles without OnStar must install a device from RelayRides to make the car accessible to renters.

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