Interior shot of a 2012 Ford Mustang with Sync.

In an effort to combat distracted driving, Ford is rolling out Sync software updates that can read text messages out loud in more vehicles. “The feature will be offered on the Ford F-150, Fiesta, Flex, Fusion, Mustang and Taurus,” says Edmunds. “It had already debuted as MyFord Touch on the 2011 Ford Edge, Explorer and 2012 Ford Focus.”

Ford notes in a press release that the software update includes Message Access Profile (MAP), which makes it possible to stream text messages from a compatible smartphone. However, not all smartphones are currently compatible with Ford’s latest tech feature.

CNET reports that while some Blackberry, Motorola and HTC devices are compatible, some major players aren’t yet able to stream texts via Bluetooth. “Apple recently joined the Bluetooth Special Interest Group board, so perhaps future iPhone versions will get that feature,” writes CNET. “Android phones are technically able to support MAP, but it's up to the handset manufacturer to determine the BT stack for each phone.”

Despite the limited number of compatible phones, Ford is hopeful that cell providers will adopt this technology. “With our initial adoption of MAP for our latest generation of SYNC and our recent efforts to integrate it into our previous variations of the system, we hope we are setting an example that encourages more collaboration between Ford, the phonemakers and the wireless industry to help drivers find smarter alternatives to hand-held texting while on the road,” says Mark Porter, supervisor of SYNC Product Development.

If you own a Sync-equipped Ford or Lincoln, you can find out if your vehicle is eligible for software updates by visiting

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