Chevrolet has launched a bold advertising campaign for the new 2012 Chevrolet Sonic. The Chevy Sonic went bungee jumping off a tall stack of freight containers and skydived out of an airplane.

“It's no secret that the ads are targeted at millenials, just like the car itself,” Autoblog reports. “General Motors would really like the Sonic to be a hit with the kids, rather than just appealing to people who want the cheapest car they can find.”

Chevrolet says in a press release that another part of the Sonic’s advertising campaign is an online game where players can try to win a new Sonic. Chevy also offers a mobile app where users can play the game on the go.

“To play the game and possibly win a Sonic, users will document themselves completing various challenges, from participating in a sporting event for a good cause to working out in a grocery store,” Chevy says. “Players share their accomplishments on the ‘Let’s Do This’ site or app, compete to earn badges, and accumulate points. Users are also encouraged to share videos and photos on their personal social media pages.”

The $14,495 Chevy Sonic will also be featured in two video shorts on the comedy website “Funny or Die”, which will launch Nov. 1 and 15. If you’re interested in winning a new Sonic and participating in Chevy’s game, visit the Chevy Sonic Facebook page.

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