Toyota unveiled its redesigned 2012 Camry two weeks ago, but with sales of the 2011 Toyota Camry down 7.4 percent so far this year compared with last year, Toyota decided to bump up the on-sale date for the 2012 Camry.

“With our Georgetown, Kentucky plant now running at maximum operating levels and Toyota dealers ready for the arrival of the all-new 2012 Camry and Camry Hybrid, we plan to pull the on-sale date forward,” said Jeff Bracken, vice president of Toyota Division sales, in a statement.

The 2012 Camry was originally scheduled to hit Toyota dealerships October 3, reports, but now will go on sale “by mid-September.”

When a newly redesigned vehicle hits dealerships, car shoppers looking for a bargain can usually get a good deal on the outgoing model. This is not the case with the 2011 Toyota Camry though. Edmunds’ AutoObserver reports that there is an unusually low supply of outgoing 2011 Camry cars at dealerships due to production limitations and inventory shortages from the March earthquake and tsunami in Japan. If you’re in the market for a 2011 Camry, Toyota is expected to announce new car deals for the month of September this week.

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