Hyundai has announced that it will no longer include an iPad-loaded interactive owner’s manual with its flagship sedan, the Hyundai Equus. Instead, the 2012 Equus’ glove box will contain a low-tech, paper-bound version of the manual. The owner’s manual app will still be available for download, according to a Hyundai press release.

Originally, the automaker’s Apple tie-in was intended only as a one-year promotion. “Back when the promotion was announced in April 2010, the iPad was just debuting,” writes the Detroit Free Press. “Having one was a novelty. Now, lots of Equus customers already have them and they don't need another.”

“Oddly, Hyundai has mostly confined its television ads for the Equus only to the fact that it has an iPad as an owners manual, without talking about any attributes of the $58,000 car itself,” notes USA Today.

Unfortunately for buyers, it seems that Hyundai’s iPad giveaway was a one-time deal. Inside Line reports that there aren’t any more sales promotions with Apple on the horizon, including for the 2012 launch of the Hyundai Veloster. So, if the free iPad was a big selling point for you while considering the Equus or another luxury large car, you should snag a 2011 model before dealers are sold out.

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