2011 Volvo S40

Volvo will stop selling its S40 sedan and V50 wagon in the U.S. after the 2011 model year, Automobile Magazine reports.

James Hope, product communications manager for Volvo North America, told Automobile Magazine that “sales figures for both the S40 and V50 aren’t where the company would like them to be, and as a result, Volvo’s shifting attention to its product lines that post greater sales volumes.”

Motor Trend says a potential reason the S40 is getting the axe in the U.S. is that “its larger, more popular counterpart, the redesigned S60 sedan, made for a more popular choice when it came to sedans.”

2011 Volvo V50

Sales for these two discontinued models have been slow, with 434 V50 wagons and 2,146 S40 sedans sold in the U.S. from January through May 2011, Inside Line reports.

Although the two models will be discontinued in the U.S., Volvo isn’t offering exceptional deals on either model this month. Both the S40 and V50 are available with 1.9 percent financing for 48 months through June 30. Volvo may offer better deals in the upcoming months if you decide to wait before purchasing one of these outgoing models.

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