2006 Toyota Highlander Hybrid

Toyota announced a recall today that affects roughly 82,200 hybrid SUVs. “Toyota is recalling 45,500 Highlander Hybrid and 36,700 Lexus RX 400h vehicles sold in the U.S. to fix potentially faulty hybrid systems,” writes USA Today. “Both are crossover models from the 2006 and 2007 model years.”

The automaker says that no other Toyota or Lexus vehicles are affected, and that the issue specifically involves a control board in the Intelligent Power Module. “Certain transistors on the control boards in some of the subject vehicles were inadequately soldered and could be damaged from heat caused by a large current flow during high-load driving,” says Toyota in a press release.

If your Highlander Hybrid or RX 400h is affected, Toyota says a number of warning lamps would light up on the instrument panel and the vehicle would likely enter fail-safe driving mode. In this mode, the vehicle would suffer from reduced power, although it can still be driven for short distances.

However, in a worst case scenario, the power supply circuit fuse could blow when the transistor is damaged. Toyota says, “If the fuse blows, the hybrid system will stop and the vehicle will coast to a stop.”

The automaker is currently working on obtaining the parts needed to service the affected vehicles, but will notify owners in mid-July. Detailed information pertaining to this recall is available at www.toyota.com/recall or www.lexus.com/recall. Concerned owners can also call Toyota at (800) 331-4331 or Lexus at (800) 255-3987.

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