We bet the guy driving the 370Z here is wearing pants. At least, we hope he is.

Recently, two of us got the opportunity to check out the 2011 Nissan 370Z. And while the Z is competitive with other affordable sports cars, there is one thing that sets it apart: It requires pants.

Jamie Page Deaton says:

The 2011 Nissan 370Z is definitely a guy’s car. Not because you need a Y chromosome to handle the 332 horsepower the 370Z’s V6 makes, but because there is no way you can get in or out of it in a skirt while keeping your dignity. While all sports cars require some amount of modesty yoga, if Britney Spears and friends were still into that particular type of paparazzi shot, the 370Z would be their car of choice. As if the low, bolstered seats weren’t bad enough, the fabric in my test car clung to my clothes, basically hiking my skirt up for me. No other sports car I’ve driven while wearing a skirt was this bad.  Leather seats would have helped, but ladies (or Scotsmen) if you’re considering a Z, make sure you have another car you can drive when you need to dress up. Or just get used to parking where no one can see you.

Jim Sharifi says:

Those of us relegated to wrinkle-free Dockers might find that the Z’s shortcomings are common for affordable sports cars. It’s noisy, seats two and has minimal cargo space. But the Z is also fun to drive, especially with the six-speed manual, which features Nissan’s SynchroRev Match, which automatically blips the throttle on downshifts for smooth gear changes. I found myself wasting ridiculous amounts of fossil fuel as I made aggressive downshifts around town. Those exciting shifts may have been misleading to the fast and furious crowd, and I had trouble shaking a Charger SRT8 driver who was convinced I wanted to drag race. Enjoy the shift, but ladies, as Jamie points out, you may want to dress accordingly. Might I suggest a stylish skort?

What’s your take? Is the Z worth sacrificing some modesty on the altar of performance?