Prius prices are still higher than normal, but prices on other new cars are starting to decline.

Like a lot of people, I was in the market for a new car until the earthquake in Japan hit. Since I wasn’t able to buy in March or early April (I hadn’t made up my mind on which car I wanted yet), I got some sticker shock in May as car prices went up.

Analysts initially predicted that prices would stay high for a while, but when demand tapered off in May, many changed their tune.  Now, analysts I spoke to said new car buyers like me could still get a good deal on many models now, or wait until fall and get a good deal on most new cars.

Check out the weird reasons that high prices could end up being good news for new car buyers, and why used car buyers aren’t so lucky.

What do you think? Are you waiting out the new car market, or are you looking to buy now?

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