My 2010 Mazda Mazda6 didn’t disappoint on a lengthy road trip recently when I moved from Fort Lauderdale, Fla. to Arlington, Va. The nearly 1,100-mile drive gave me a great opportunity to see how much stuff I could pack in the affordable midsize sedan.

The Mazda6’s interior and trunk space are enormous by midsize car standards. I have fit five adults comfortably in the car, and filling the car with my personal belongings was easy. I was surprised by how much would actually fit.

My dresser mirror fit perfectly in the trunk, along with large picture frames and paintings. Two suitcases full of clothes, two pillows, a comforter, blankets, an air mattress and a few small boxes filled the trunk to the brim. My cat sat comfortably in the front seat for the drive, which left the back seat for me to fill. She napped the whole way, so if pets had a say in vehicle comfort, I’m confident she’d say it was great for sleeping.

I was able to fit three large boxes, a microwave, printer, filing cabinet/box, floor lamp, plants, cooler and a few miscellaneous items in the back seat. If you’re a sales rep or travel frequently and need space for luggage or boxes, the Mazda6 definitely has the room.

Although I already unloaded all my things from the move, the back seat will hold a ton of stuff if you need to transport a lot of boxes and cargo or just feel like going on a serious shopping spree.

Gas mileage was good, considering the four-cylinder automatic was weighed-down with boxes, clothes and furniture. The whole trip cost me about $133 in gas, which isn’t bad considering it was a 1,100-mile trip and gas prices were about $3.85 a gallon. Unfortunately for me, gas prices are cheaper now than they were a month ago when I made the trip. But surprisingly, the total fuel cost now wouldn’t be much different.

All three cities I filled up in a month ago cost me about $3.85 a gallon. Now, in Fort Lauderdale, gas is as low as $3.75 per gallon. In Savannah, Ga. gas currently costs $3.43 a gallon, and in Fayetteville, N.C. gas is only $3.49 a gallon. My four-cylinder automatic Mazda6 gets an estimated 21/30 mpg, according to the EPA. If I were to make the same trip now, it would cost me about $125. I only paid $8 more when I made the trip a month ago when gas prices were higher.  

If you’re moving and think you’ll need a truck or SUV to haul your belongings, you might be surprised by the amount of things that fit in a midsize sedan like the 2010 Mazda6.